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"Shellien teaches you how to think freely, like you’re naked in the shower."
Magic Valley Advertising Federation

"Her high-energy, thought provoking workshop helped me discover that solutions exist all around us. Now I know how to look for them!"
― Lisa B.

“Creativity takes courage. ” 
― Henri Matisse

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Team Collaboration & Personal Innovation

You have the power to be brilliant. Solutions exist all around you. I offer creative problem solving techniques to help you correctly define the problem. Then, with your experience and expertise, you’ll be better set to find answers to the challenges you face. You can discover the joys of unlocking your creative juices and potential.

Innovative thinking is a requirement for success. By following a series of steps, organizations can build creative abilities with confidence. Together we’ll redefine problems, recognize opportunities, and work towards effective team collaboration. Discover thinking solutions to propel innovation.


Bullet  Workshops with a purpose - Yours.

Bullet  Public speaking

Bullet  Idea session facilitation

Bullet  Personal consultation


Bullet  Annual Planning Session / Management Retreat

Bullet  To improve team collaboration, energy and enthusiasm

Bullet  In times of change, stress or mental block

Bullet  When it matters that you get it right

Together we'll craft the right solution for your situation:

Bullet Creativity Workshops for Workplace Problem Solving, Innovation and Team Building

Bullet Creativity Workshops for Personal Development

Bullet As a Creative Consultant, I offer creative problem solving techniques to help you correctly define problems. 

Bullet Group Facilitation for the creation of positive, supportive, fun and innovative work initiatives

Bullet Personal consultation for success

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